Todd Schick


You could say voice talent runs in the family. Todd’s father was a master with his voice, and Todd’s been behind a microphone for over 20 years and his brother even longer. Starting out in Radio Broadcasting, Todd never aspired to become a celebrity, but found he was always happiest behind the scenes, recording commercials and producing programs.
After 10 years, he left the radio business to pursue his dream to build his own studio and establish a career in freelance voiceovers. The Internet made it all possible. Todd put his first website up in 1995 and started delivering audio from his home studio in 1998. Along the way, he discovered a few skills he never knew he had, mainly acting. Along with his voiceover skills, he is also active in theater.
A multi-talented perform and entrepreneur, Todd has expertise in all aspects of running a voice-over business, including recording engineering, computer repair, website development and marketing. Putting those skills to good use, he started up a small sideline business – consulting, helping over 30 people get their start in the voice over business, along with coaching Corporate Executives and Salespeople in Public Speaking.
Today, after leaving radio some 15 years ago, he is the National Network Imaging voice for Global TV in Canada, one of the top 3 TV Imaging gigs in the country.

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